Chutney, Jam, Jelly, Spices & Foraged Ingredients

There are few things more satisfying than stocking the cupboard with home made produce to use over the coming year.

Chutney, Jams and Jellies

There are few things more satisfying than stocking the cupboard with home made produce to use over the coming year. Even more satisfying is hearing the jars ‘click’ as they cool down – a sign of a well-sealed pot. On this half day or evening workshop we will make a selection of chutney, jam and jelly using a variety of ingredients including foraged ingredients and spices – which work really well in jam and jellies too, not just chutney. I like to produce lower sugar recipes where possible – the old rule of a pound of sugar to a pint of juice is not usually necessary, producing jams and jellies that are slightly tarter, but fresher and more vibrant. We will cover the technique, and hygiene required to make products that will keep for a year; although most probably they will be eaten within the month!

By the end of the workshop you will have learnt how to safely prepare and cook chutneys, jams and jellies perfectly and simply in a variety of ways . We will also have spent time discussing alternative uses, for example a spoonful of crab-apple or blackberry jelly is lovely added to a sauce or gravy for pork or duck. If you like harvesting from the hedgerows or have a productive allotment or simply like the idea of having a go then this course is for you.

Have fun!

Perhaps most importantly, as well as learning new skills, you will have had some fun learning in a relaxed and supportive environment. During the course the emphasis is on using personal taste, judgement and technique rather than slavishly following a recipe. This approach means that one recipe may become two or three recipes. However, a booklet containing the course recipes will be given to you at the end of the day / course.

Everyone has their own set of ingredients sharing only a 4 burner induction hob and standard size fan assisted oven with one other learner. We all work together at the same pace with each stage demonstrated before you do it yourself.

We will stop and eat as we go along so that you taste dishes at their best and we can discuss. There may be food to take home with you, but not always.

The not so small print – please read.

It is essential that you wear flat shoes with a closed toe – this is for your safety and comfort, we will be on our feet most of the time.

For this course please also bring with you 3 clean jam jars not larger than 450g and a pair of rubber (Marigold) gloves. This is to protect you from hot splashes, not washing up 🙂

It is essential when booking that you advise of any accessibility issues, allergies or dietary requirements. Rutland Cookery School is committed to being as inclusive as possible and we will do our utmost to accommodate you but we do need to know in advance.

Dishes prepared may vary from examples above.

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